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The exhibition “Roots” focuses on the themes of identity, roots, and heritage. It is based on two separate trips Polat took to his father’s hometown in Antep, with an 18-year interval between them. Growing up distanced from his father, Polat embarked on a transformative journey when he invited his father to accompany him on the second trip in 2019. This experience became an exploration of the artist’s own past and ancestral heritage. “Roots” delves beyond depicting the evolving landscape of Antep throughout the years; it unveils a deeply personal story of an international artist with a connection to this region. Through his work, Polat encourages the audience to contemplate the dynamics of father-son relationships and the profound impact of delving into one’s past on the development of individual identity. Studio Polat created an exhibition that was shown in in Istanbul and in the University of Gaziantep.