From 2020 to 2022, Studio Polat collaborated with the Amsterdam municipality to address the increasing use of substances among students in Amsterdam Zuid. Recognizing that traditional awareness campaigns were not enough to effectively engage young people and promote resilience, Studio Polat proposed a different approach. They facilitated workshops for young people, allowing them to develop their own resilience campaign with the support of photographic expertise. The workshops encouraged participants to share their experiences and ideas related to the issue. The resulting campaign materials were then exhibited and shared with peers, parents, and the community, fostering important conversations and empowering young people to take a stand against substance use. The project was well-received and extended to schools in Amsterdam Zuid, further involving the municipality as a mediator. The initiative culminated in an exhibition at a prominent location, the Museumplein, showcasing the young participants’ ideas and stories through outdoor displays. The project demonstrated that actively involving youth in campaign development can have a more significant impact than traditional campaigns alone, creating awareness and promoting resilience in addressing substance use.

This project also resulted in a podcast (Dutch) about the impact art can make within the public domain.