Established in 2018, Studio Polat Foundation fosters and promotes social cohesion by building bridges between different cultures, creative disciplines and platforms. Studio Polat initiates, creates, produces, and expands visual stories. Innovative in our approach, the Foundation seeks collaboration with multidisciplinary arts, educational and other platforms who support similar ideas.


To inspire

Studio Polat Foundation aims to create platforms for the people portrayed in our stories, so they can become owners of their own stories. Stories shared will be told from an original and personal perspective instead of from an imposed perspective.


To include

Diversity is an important motivator for Studio Polat Foundation. The Foundation seeks to create opportunities for all kinds of creatives. Diverse artists, using a diverse range of media. We work with photography, graphic design, film, theatre, and audio striving to find the perfect medium to share each story.


To educate

Society is formed around labels. Studio Polat Foundation focusses on personal talents and passions. Talent is always the starting point, including the negative aspects so those can be developed in a positive way. We mean to connect with young creatives and students through projects, workshops and courses in order to show them different approaches to express their talents and learn more about themselves. We do this mainly through photography.


To connect

To initiate an open dialogue, Studio Polat Foundation supports an accessible and safe place. The Foundation strives to connect to more people by showing the process, alongside the project. Through the use of lectures and behind-the-scenes video, The Foundation provides a holistic view of each project, for a greater connection to the public.