The Coffee Reading 


The person whose future is to be predicted must drink the coffee themselves.
Drink along one side of the cup. Turn the cup over the saucer and place the cup on it.
Take a question or wish in mind and turn the cup overhead three times clockwise.
Let the cup rest until the coffee grounds have dried a little and place some
metal on the inverted bottom of the cup, a wedding ring or a coin.

When the cup has cooled, the reader looks for a place where the light comes from behind.
Draw two imaginary lines from the cup handle, one lengthwise and one widthwise,
the cup is now divided into four imaginary parts.

The part to the right of the vertical line are the good messages in the prediction,
the symbols on the left of the same line indicate the less positive messages.
Below the horizontal line we see the long-term events and above the line the
daily course and short-term business.


ACORN a long-term great success.
AIRCRAFT a long distance journey.
ALLIGATOR enemy waiting to hit, treachery.
ANCHOR finding security in life.
ANGEL good news.
ANT success through perseverance.
APPLE business achievement.
ARCH happy event.
ARROW bad news.
AXE decision has to be made.


BALLOON short-term troubles.
BEANS poverty.
BEAR decision made with strength and focus on success.
BEE social success – swarm of bees: success with an audience.
BELL unexpected news.
BIRD money coming from an unknown source.
BOAT journey over seas.
BOTTLE one bottle: pleasure – several bottles: illness.
BOX open: romantic troubles solved – closed: the lost will be found.
BRANCH a satisfaction.
BRIDGE a way to cross the obstacles in opportunity for success.
BUTTERFLY freedom, happiness, worry-free.


CAGE obstacles, quarrels.
CAMEL useful news exactly when needed.
CANNON news of a soldier or a government employee.
CAR good fortune.
CAT a false friend.
CHAIR an unexpected guest.
CIRCLE successful conclusion to venture.
CLAW a hidden enemy.
CLOCK it is time to think of the future.
CLOUDS trouble ahead.
COIN debts will be paid.
CRESCENT love, relationship coming into your life.
CROSS sacrifice, trouble.
CROWN honour, success in a venture building a long time.
CUP reward for effort.


DAGGER toxic situation needs to be ended.
DECRESCENT someone in your proximity loves you.
DEER a dispute or quarrel.
DESK social gathering, good venture.
DEVIL evil influences.
DOG a good, loyal friend.
DOLPHIN good fortune in all things.
DONKEY be patient and optimistic.
DOOR opportunity, opening to a new path.
DOTS several black dots together means money in your future.
DOVE good fortune.
DRAGON desires fulfilled.
DUCK money you are expecting is on the way in.


EAGLE a big change for the better.
EAR unexpected news.
EARRINGS misunderstanding in what you hear.
EGG progress toward success.
ELEPHANT wisdom, strength, lasting success.
ENVELOPE good news.
EYE Be observant, someone thinks of you – mean eye: jealousy.


FACE one face – a change in belief of one area in life.
FAN flirtation, indiscretion.
FEATHER instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
FENCE minor setbacks toward future success.
FINGER emphasizes the symbol to which it points.
FIRE achievement, avoid hasty decisions.
FIREPLACE matters related to your home.
FISH good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness.
FLOWER wish coming true.
FORK a deceitful friend.
FOX a deceitful friend, up to no good.
FROG success through a change of home or job.


GALLOWS social failure.
GATE opportunity, opening to a new path.
GEESE unexpected visitor.
GLASS integrity.
GLOVE a challenge.
GOAT enemies threaten.
GONDOLA romance, travel.
GOOSE finding good solutions.
GRAPES happiness.
GREYHOUND good fortune, with help of loyal friend.
GUITAR happiness in love.
GUN trouble, quarrels.


HAMMER overcoming obstacles, work that is uncongenial.
HAND friendship.
HARE timidity, tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation.
HAT a new occupation, a change in job.
HEAD new opportunities.
HEART love and marriage.
HILL obstacles, setbacks.
HORSESHOE good luck.
HOUSE security.


ICEBERG danger.
INITIALS if next to a triangle, initials of strangers.
INSECT domestic irritations. more flies, more little problems.


JOKER party or social gathering-relaxing nature.
JEWELLERY a misunderstanding.
JUG gaining recognition, importance.


KANGAROO domestic harmony.
KETTLE illness.
KEY a new house, relocation.
KEYHOLE beware of curiosity of strangers.
KING a powerful, successful ally.
KNIFE toxic situation needs to be ended.


LADDER promotion.
LAMP trouble averted. success through own knowledge.
LEAF prosperity, good fortune.
LETTER good news – near dots: news about money.
LIGHTHOUSE trouble averted. success through a friend.
LINES straight: progress – wavy: uncertainty – slanting: failure.
LION influential friends.
LOCK obstacles in your path, if opened-obstacles overcame.
LOOP impulsive actions could bring trouble.


MAN a person relevant for the figures involved.
MAP travel, change through travel.
MASK deception.
MERMAID temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
MONKEY a trickster.
MOON love, relationship coming into your life.
MOUNTAIN a high set ambition.
MOUSE theft.
MUSHROOM fast moving growth.

NAIL malice, injustice.
NECKLACE misunderstanding in what was done.
NEEDLE be wary, minor dangers ahead.
NET traps for the unwary, be careful.
NUMBERS indicate a timeline, the number of days before events.
NUN quarantine.
NURSE illness or a trip to hospital.


OAK good fortune.
OCTOPUS danger.
OSTRICH travel.
OWL gossip, scandal.
OYSTER acquired riches.


PALM TREE success, honour, happiness in love.
PARASOL a new lover.
PARROT mean gossip among friends.
PEACOCK tail spread: riches – surrounded by dots: luxurious life.
PEAR comfort, financial ease.
PENTAGON intellectual balance.
PIG material success brings emotional problems.
PILLAR supportive friends or family members.
PIPE keep an open mind, thinking to a solution.
PITCHFORK a deceitful friend.
POLICEMAN secret enemy.
PURSE a profit.
PYRAMID solid success.


QUESTION MARK hesitancy, caution.


RABBIT tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation.RAILWAY long journey.
RAINBOW happiness, prosperity.
RAKE organize your life.
RAT treachery.
RAVEN bad news.
RAZOR quarrels resulting in partings.
RING the situation has come full circle.
ROCKS burdens.
ROD visitor.
ROSE popularity.


SAW person not connected to a situation interfering.
SCISSORS domestic arguments.
SHEEP happiness.
SHELL acquired riches.
SHIP successful journey.
SHOE a journey to a better situation.
SKELETON loosing hope in yourself, a need to build yourself up.
SNAKE hatred, enemy set to destroy your world in a sneaky way.
SPIDER determined and persistently, money coming in.
SPOON generosity.
SQUARE a symbol of being protected.
SQUIRREL prosperity after a struggling time of work.
STAR good health, happiness. – five-pointed star: good fortune.

STICK visitor.
SUN immense power, a very good and unexpected development.
SWALLOW journey.
SWAN smooth progress, contented life.


TABLE social gathering, good venture
TEAPOT illness.
TELEPHONE every truth has 3 sides to it.
TENT travel.
TIE happy event, celebration.
TORCH a turn for the better.
TORTOISE criticism, keep a firm skin.
TOWER financial growth in a slow and steady pace.
TREE things are evolving, like you wanted, slowly but surely.
TRIANGLE unexpected event – upward: success.


UMBRELLA annoyances, a need for shelter.
UNICORN the wish you worked for to forfill will be granted.
URN wealth, happiness.


VASE a wedding celebration.
VIOLINE selfishness.
VOLCANO emotions out of control – impatience.
VULTURE your money is everywhere and you are going after it.


WASP trouble in love.
WATERFALL prosperity.
WHALE good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness.
WHEEL complete: earned success. – broken: disappointment.
WINDMILL business success through hard work.
WINDOW open: good luck through a friend.
WINGS message.
WISHBONE a wish granted.
WOLF inner strength, you will take care of self and yours.
WOMEN pleasure.
WORMS scandal.


ZEBRA adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
ZEPPELIN delays, perseverance necessary.